Our Products


Natural insect-based products are better for pets, poultry, aquafeed, plants and the planet.

Insect proteins
& oils

All-natural protein meals and oils made with nutritious black soldier fly larvae ingredients. Bardee’s technology perfectly balances amino and fatty acid profiles for pet food and feed formulations.


Natural pet food ingredients with essential amino and fatty acids for high palatability and a healthier immune system.

Sustainable ingredients to replace traditional feed sources for healthier chickens and better-tasting meat and eggs.


Nutrient-rich organic fertilisers formulated with black soldier fly frass and ingredients to maximise plant growth, improve soil microbial diversity, and activate natural plant defences to pests.

Organic fertiliser balanced with quick and slow-release nutrients for healthier, more resilient, faster-growing plants.

Better for plants, the soil and the planet. It is specifically formulated for hydroponics with beneficial microbes and chitin to achieve rigorous fruiting and pest resistance.