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Hydrofly® Fertiliser

Concentrated organic fertiliser made with 100% black solider fly frass, specially formulated for rigorous fruiting and natural pest resistance.

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The Benefits

Organic fertiliser made with black soldier fly frass and ingredients to boost chitin.

Insect chitin

Prevents root rot, protects against pathogenic fungi & nematodes and improves seedling survival.

Balanced nutrients

NPK 4 : 2 : 2 with a balance of fast and slow-release nutrients.

Beneficial microbes

240 million microbial colony forming units per gram (CGU) for healthy diverse soil.

Enhances growth

10+ trace elements to support and accelerate plant growth.


Every tonne of Superfly fertiliser offsets 5 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

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The Hydrofly fertiliser is extremely active with microbes and we’ve started to use it in our living soil mix. I’ll be interested to see the impact of the chitin on the crops.

Hydroponic fertiliser producer

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