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Aquafeed Collection

Natural BSFL aquafeed ingredients for improved fish health and optimal growth

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The Benefits

Our black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) ingredients are natural, nutritious, and palatable. Requiring far fewer resources to produce than other protein sources, it's good for the fish, and good for the planet.

Ideal substitute for fishmeal

Improves final bodyweight, body weight gain and specific growth rate in salmonids & salmon

Successfully replace 30% of fishmeal in rainbow trout diets


Improves fish health

Improve plasma antioxidant capacity and enhance innate immunity, helping to reduce reliance on antibiotics

Mitigate intestinal inflammation caused by soybean-based diets

Reduce steatosis (harmful fatty buildup) in the pyloric caeca


Highly Palatable

Increase feed intake without affecting Food Conversion Ratio for Atlantic salmon diets.


Sustainable feed source

Every tonne of Bardee protein offsets 15 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

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