At Bardee, our ambition is to reshape the global food system. To do this, we breed billions of insects 🐛 to transform food waste 🥗 into insect protein for animal feed 🐶 and fertiliser 🌲 in our world-leading vertical farming system ~ learn more about what we do here.

In 2022, we aim to divert 20,000 tonnes of food waste from landfill, and 10x our production volumes of insect protein and fertiliser going into sustainable animal feed and fertiliser products.

We’re seeking a hard-working person with experience in science to help us get there 🕵🏽‍♀️

The Role

You will work with the Husbandry team, and your responsibilities will include:

  • Working with our vertical farming system for the Black Soldier Fly across the entire life cycle, from eggs to adults.
  • Shaping new methods and processes to optimise breeding and growing BSFL at an industrial scale.
  • Ensure all Standard Operating Procedures’ (SOPs) are up to date, and follow them meticulously.
  • Assist and implement experiments in collaboration with the Science team.
  • Monitor environmental conditions and dashboard metrics throughout the labs.
  • Assist with quality and safety testing for products.
Why Bardee?

We’re doing something truly special at Bardee. You’ll be joining a formidable team of insect-obsessed, solutions-focused, big picture thinkers who thrive on constantly innovating.

In two years we’ve evolved from breeding flies in a stinky bucket, with popsicle sticks in the backyard – yes, this happened 😂, to pitching tents on a university campus, to commissioning our 2,500 sqm automated facility. Now we’re preparing to open new and even larger facilities across Australia.

Without giving too much away, our science team achieves world-first results and has smashed our moonshot goals for 2021… by September 🤯

You’ll be doing work that matters to you, Bardee and the world. The success of our General Manager will directly impact our ability to scale, cohesion of our teams working onsite and the logistics of our product operations.

Everyone at Bardee owns a slice of the company, and your vesting schedule and share options are always accessible and transparent.

Our Values

01 Accountability to nature

We’re building a sustainable future we’ll be proud to hand on to future generations. Every tonne of Bardee’s insect protein offsets 50 tonnes of CO2e emissions.

Accountability to nature

02 Speed with integrity

We’re a startup that gets stuff done. And when we decide to do something, we do it well. We love to move quickly to delight our customers.

Speed with integrity

03 Live passionately, be formidable

We set ambitious goals and we’re infinitely resourceful to achieve them. Sometimes that looks like chopping tuna heads into insect food in a uni car park.

Live passionately, be formidable
About you

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • You’re obsessed with creating the sustainable circular economy the world needs.
  • You’re a hard worker. Being on your feet all day in labs, doing physical tasks doesn’t phase you.’
  • You’re meticulous and have a high-attention to detail. In the lab, you’ll be able to observe every element in space and the interplay of variables.
  • You are able to test ideas, eliminate bad ideas quickly and rethink beliefs, to make way for surprising new systems.
  • You have an exceptional eye for detail.
  • You have fantastic written and verbal communication.
  • You’re happy to work flexibly to manage weekend husbandry workflows.
  • You have a degree in Science or other relevant field.
  • You have experience working with insects, ecology, genetics, or biology in academia or industry.
What you’ll work on
Outcome 1: Sufficient BSF at each life-stage to scale the Moonbase (facility 1) to full capacity.

A precise and consistent husbandry schedule is what we strive for to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, and the husbandry team knows exactly what needs to be done and when. This is in process but consistently changing as we scale the amount of insects bred. Week on week the schedule needs to be meticulously followed to ensure each life-stage has the required level of productivity.

Outcome 2: The husbandry workflow is efficient, effective, and codified in our Standard Operating Procedures’ (SOPs)

Constant improvement to husbandry workflows are essential to refine and introduce automation to how we breed insects at Bardee. This involves identifying and troubleshooting bottlenecks, hypothesising and testing solutions, and the seamless transition of R&D insights into our SOPs. These are revised regularly to ensure the whole team is working in precise and solidified methods.

Ready to hit the ground running?

Ultimately this role will be shaped around the right candidate. If the mission inspires you and you believe you are the right person for the job, we want to speak with you.

Apply here now

Applications will close as soon as we find the right person, and we’ll be evaluating applications as they come in.

We believe that building a diverse and inclusive team is critical to Bardee’s success. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, or marital, veteran, or disability status. Come as you are.

Email Maisy, Chief of Staff at

Good luck!