At Bardee, our ambition is to reshape the global food system. To do this, we breed billions of insects 🐛 to transform food waste 🥗 into insect protein for animal feed 🐶 and fertiliser 🌲 in our world-leading vertical farming system ~ learn more about what we do here.

In 2022, we aim to divert 20,000 tonnes of food waste from landfill, and 10x our production volumes of insect protein and fertiliser going into sustainable animal feed and fertiliser products.

We’re seeking an exceptional commercial and sales person to help us get there 🕵🏽‍♀️

The Role

In your first six months at Bardee, you will:

  • Create and deploy our commercialisation & sales strategy.
  • Systematise & operationalise product distribution with the operations team.
  • Engage & thrill Bardee’s existing customers, and continue to build our customer base.
  • Consistently sell out of our products as we ramp up production.
  • Secure pre-sale contracts for the planned output of our second site.
  • Be the customer advocate to the Bardee R&D, product development and production teams to ensure we create the best possible products for our customers.
  • In your first nine months you’ll help shape Bardee’s growth path and your success will define what’s critical to tackle next.

Beyond the first six months, you’ll help shape our growth and define what’s critical to tackle next in your role.

Why Bardee?

We’re doing something truly special at Bardee. You’ll be joining a formidable team of insect-obsessed, solutions-focused, big picture thinkers who thrive on constantly innovating.

In two years we’ve evolved from breeding flies in a stinky bucket, with popsicle sticks in the backyard – yes, this happened 😂, to pitching tents on a university campus, to commissioning our 2,500 sqm automated facility. Now we’re preparing to open new and even larger facilities across Australia.

Without giving too much away, our science team achieves world-first results and has smashed our moonshot goals for 2021… by September 🤯

You’ll be doing work that matters to you, Bardee and the world. The success of our General Manager will directly impact our ability to scale, cohesion of our teams working onsite and the logistics of our product operations.

Everyone at Bardee owns a slice of the company, and your vesting schedule and share options are always accessible and transparent.

Our Values

01 Accountability to nature

We’re building a sustainable future we’ll be proud to hand on to future generations. Every tonne of Bardee’s insect protein offsets 50 tonnes of CO2e emissions.

Accountability to nature

02 Speed with integrity

We’re a startup that gets stuff done. And when we decide to do something, we do it well. We love to move quickly to delight our customers.

Speed with integrity

03 Live passionately, be formidable

We set ambitious goals and we’re infinitely resourceful to achieve them. Sometimes that looks like chopping tuna heads into insect food in a uni car park.

Live passionately, be formidable
About you

Here’s what we’re looking for in our Head of Commercial:

  • You’re obsessed with creating the sustainable circular economy the world needs.
  • You’re in your zone of excellence developing and executing sales strategies and thinking big picture commercialisation.
  • You’re naturally a people person and thrive in customer-facing roles.
  • You have demonstrated excellence in sales or commercialisation, and you’re seeking an opportunity to do the best work of your life at Bardee.
  • You think like a scientist – testing hypotheses, eliminating bad ideas and rethinking your beliefs to create new solutions.
  • While you’re comfortable being an individual contributor at the start – working with product, operations and leadership – you’re ready to build and lead a team.
  • You’re an elite operator. Timelines, organising distribution, liaising with external contractors and companies will be a walk in the park.
  • You’re a science-communicator. You understand enough about biology, nutrition and chemistry that you can articulate concepts clearly after spending time learning about them.
  • You thrive on high-stakes work and tackling multiple problems at once; if anything, it energises you.
What you’ll work on

Commercialising Bardee’s products will be your number one priority 💪🏼

Outcome 1: Moonbase (facility 1) will be profitable 🌜

Based on just our fertiliser unit economics, and hitting our immediate 2021 R&D and production targets, this is achievable with our current customer base. That’s right… that does not include our protein customers 🪳 So, you’ll own end to end product distribution of our fertiliser products, and continue to foster existing customer relationships.

Outcome 2: Rover (facility 2) will have committed pre-sales, pre-launch 🏎

Based on the level of demand we’ve experienced so far and the customers we have on waitlists for larger quantities, we believe we can secure pre-sales before we break ground at a second facility. You’ll work closely with both founders to lock in strategic Rover pre-sales, ready for scale.

Outcome 3: Our customers will be delighted with Bardee 😍

This means: (a) product collection persona’s will set us apart in our target markets, (b) customers will be supported to formulate new feeds and fertilisers, (c) products will arrive on time to customers, (d) the customer’s voice will drive further product development.

Ready to hit the ground running?

If you think you’re a fit for this foundational role at Bardee we can’t wait to hear from you.

Apply here now

Applications will close as soon as we find the right person, and we’ll be evaluating applications as they come in.

We believe that building a diverse and inclusive team is critical to Bardee’s success. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, or marital, veteran, or disability status. Come as you are.

Email Maisy, Chief of Staff at

Good luck!