Our wonderful friends at Plantrunner wrote a great article about the exciting benefits of our favourite fertiliser ingredient, frass! Want to learn more about how Frass can help you to revive and rejuvenate your ailing houseplants –  check it out!

Plantrunner are on a mission to make plant care easier and more beautiful with a curated selection of functional accessories, good quality materials and easy to understand info. They have partnered with Bardee to include this incredible ingredient in their range of bio pellets & soil boosters. If you’re looking to keep your plants alive and thriving, you can visit their store.

Here’s a sneak peak:

“You would be forgiven if you hadn’t heard of Frass before, and kudos to you for even clicking through to read about it. But you’ll be glad you did because this stuff is an absolute game changer.

So what is it? By definition, frass is insect poo. Sounds gross, which is exactly why we refer to it as frass and not ‘insect poo’. But truth is, frass is an all-natural soil additive with a diverse amino acid and macronutrient profile, that contains beneficial nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus.

It’s packed with beneficial microbes (it has more benefical microbes than other organic fertilisers like worm castings) and our favourite…chitin.

The frass we use in our products comes exclusively from the Black Soldier Fly Larvae, which contains the only form of plant-digestible chitin. Chitin produces antimicrobial peptides that makes mineral nutrients inaccessible to pathogens, as well as blocking the release of pathogenic mycotoxins (like the stuff that causes root rot).

So basically, frass is a natural fertiliser that literally breathes life into your potting mix.”


You can read the full article here