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From engineering to entomology to operations to animal nutrition, at Bardee, we work on problems that matter to you, our team and the planet.

Our vision

Bardee is reshaping the global food system. To do this, we’re transforming food waste into protein, oil and fertiliser with insects.

Open Roles

Love the mission but don’t see a role that suits you? We’d still like to hear from you!

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Why Bardee?

We’re tackling one of humanities greatest challenges in a brand new way with insects. Food production must double by 2050 to feed the global population, but a third of food produced today ends up in landfills and we’re in a position to change that.

We’re a small, rapidly growing team that constantly innovates and creates new ways to operate. Superflies are infinitely resourceful, care deeply about the work that we do and we’re just at the beginning.

Life as a Superfly


Every Superfly owns a slice of the company, no matter what role you’re in.

Personal growth

A personal learning and development budget, coaching and regular 1:1s to accelerate your learning.

Great facility

Brand new labs, collaborative workspaces, coffee, a snack bar with insects on the menu and bike racks.

Rejuvenation days

Each season, an extra day of paid leave for all the Superflies to put tools down for the day and rejuvenate.

Dog friendly

We welcome all doggy taste testers to the Bardee office and product development lab – bring your puppy to work.

Social events

Join Grub Club for fortnightly meals in and out of the office, seasonal offsites and weekly Science Read & Tell.

Become a SuperFly

Help us reshape the global food system

What we do

We take food waste and transform it into sustainable, all-natural protein and oil for pet food, poultry and aqua feed, and nutrient-rich organic fertilisers.

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